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Sale / Discount - Thermalright VGA Cooler Splitfire

6 x Sintered Nickel Plated Heat-pipes, provides the GPU with the best cooling technology while capable of withstanding many years of operation .

160 x 150mm of dissipating area. Can be used in conjunction with case with side-panel fans (Passive cooling), or can also be actively cooled with 14 or 12cm fans (fan clips included, additional fans sold separately) .

Double-sided copper base. Which allows two methods of installing your Spitfire to best suit your system.

Unique High-riser patented fins, allowing for unparallel cooling and near silent operation.

Support Pillar Hardware included, the Spitfire VGA cooler includes additional support hardware to prevent VGA card droop.

Soldered Heat-pipes, Fins and Copper Base, ensure all components maintain the highest of Thermal Efficiency .
Thermalright VGA Cooler SplitfireDetail Produk
Cooler Dimensions: Length 147mm x Width 123mm x Height 154mm

Cooler Weight: 550g (excluding fan and mounting hardware)

Heat-pipe: 6mm sintered heat-pipes x 6 units

Cooler base material: C1100 Pure copper with Nickel Plating

Harga: Rp.715.000
Harga: Rp.500.000
Hemat: Rp.215.000